Reinforced Braided Vinyl
Information: Reinforced Braided Vinyl
See-through, flexible, glass smooth inner surface and reinforced with polyester, making Toford reinforced vinyl hose suitable for wide variety of industrial, commercial or home applications. Ideal for pressurized fluid and gas transfer and for pneumatic tools and air lines. The PVC compound used is in compliance with FDA CFR Title 21 requirements and the tubings are NSF372 listed certified lead-free.
Make: PVC & Polyester Reinforced Braiding
Color: Clear or translucent or colored
Hardness: Shore A 83±3
Toxicity: NSF372 Certified Lead-free, FDA CFR Title 21 Compliant
Temperature Range: -20°C ~ 60°C / -4°F ~ 140°F
Packaging Options: Bulk Spool, Pre-Cut, Dispenser
Item No. O.D. ID Wall Thickness
Working Pressure
@68°F / 20°C
Burst Pressure
@68°F / 20°C
BV012014xxx-x-x 1/2”, 11mm 1/4”, 6mm 1/8”, 3.2mm 250psi, 17.2bar 1000psi,  68.9bar
BV058038xxx-x-x 5/8”, 16mm 3/8”, 10mm 1/8”, 3.2mm 225psi, 15.5bar 800psi, 55.2bar
BV034012xxx-x-x 3/4”, 19mm 1/2”, 13mm 1/8”, 3.2mm 200psi, 13.8bar 800psi, 55.2bar
BV078058xxx-x-x 7/8”, 22mm 5/8”, 16mm 1/8”, 3.2mm 175psi, 12.1bar 700psi, 48.3bar
BV001034xxx-x-x 1”, 26mm 3/4”, 19mm 1/8”, 3.2mm 150psi, 10.3bar 600psi, 41.4bar
BV138001xxx-x-x 1-3/8”,  33mm 1”, 25mm 3/16”, 4.8mm 125psi, 8.6bar 500psi, 34.5bar
BV134114xxx-x-x 1-3/4”,  41mm 1-1/4”,  32mm 1/4”, 6.4mm 100psi, 6.9bar 400psi, 27.6bar
BV002112xxx-x-x 2”, 48mm 1-1/2”,  38mm 1/4”, 6.4mm 75psi, 5.2bar 300psi, 20.7bar
BV212002xxx-x-x 2-1/2”,  62mm 2”, 51mm 1/4”, 6.4mm 70psi, 4.8bar 300psi, 20.7bar