Information: Ideal hose to replace standard 1/4" PU hose
Built with a slightly thinner wall than our standard 1/4” SUPERFLEX AIR, this hose is designed to work with most standard 1/4” I.D. PU quick-connect couplers and fittings*, making SUPERFLEX AIR “PU” an ideal drop-in replacement for existing polyurethane air hose. Despite its lower pressure ratings, this hose offers the same excellent all-season flexibility and superior durability compared to typical polyurethane hoses which breaks down after months of usage.
Make: PVC/Rubber Hybrid & Polyester Reinforced
Color: Blue / Green Translucent, or Custom Color
Hardness: Shore A 76 ± 3
Temperature Range: -40°C ~ 60°C / -40°F ~ 140°F
Packaging Options: Spool, Taco Shell, Pop Card
Item No. I.D.
Working Pressure
@20°C / 68°F
Burst Pressure
@20°C / 68°F
Standard Length
AH014xxx-xx-SF-PU 1/4” / 6.35mm 200psi / 13.8bar 800psi / 55bar 25ft, 50ft, 100ft / 7.5m, 15m, 30m