Information: • Designed to protect valuable fish stocks against predators from above and below the water surface
• Fully enclosed walkways for extra protection of operators and temporary equipment
• Single durable HDPE pole for the placement of anti-flyer bird net and predator net
This cage is developed specially for farms that are constantly under predator attacks from above and below the water surface. The cage is built using our triple-collar brackets that feature 2m+ extra-wide separation for all-around protection from above and below. Above the water surface, each of the triple-collar brackets is equipped with a single 3m-tall HDPE pole for both the anti-jump fence around the outer perimeter to keep seals from jumping into the cage and for holding a carbon fiber pole for the anti-flyer net to prevent birds attacking from above.
Underneath the surface, an extra layer of protective net attached to the outermost floating pipe encloses the holding pen and acts as a buffer zone that keeps predators from reaching to the holding net even when attacked by predators at full speed. This extra layer of protective net not only eliminates direct fish loss from attacks, it also reduces the indirect production losses from loss of appetite, thus stunned growth, as the result of shocks from attacks.