Information: • Rugged HDPE100 pontoon for landing on virtually any beach surface and navigating in shallow waters
• Design to fit in standard 40ft shipping containers for easy transport.
• Open flat deck designed for optimal cargo handling and operation
Toford’s raft boat combines the simplicity of a proven traditional design with the modern ruggedness of the HDPE pipes for a quality built, user-friendly and low maintenance craft. Our raft boat features a durable flat pontoon hull made with HDPE100 pipes, allowing the boat to be used in shallow bodies of water and to land on virtually any beach surface. The open flat deck is designed for optimal operation and handling of cargos or fishnets. The edges of the deck are lined with round HDPE guards for smooth handling of fishing nets without the drags, making our raft boat an ideal vessel for small cargos, fishing, and as a workboat.