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TOFORD  m i s t i ®  main functions

atomised water can quickly absorb heat in the air.  Using this strategy of introducing fine droplets of water into the environment to address human and cattle’s thermal comfort rests on the principle human beings have developed for monitoring the “hospitality” condition of their surrounding physical environment as well as its impact on body temperatures.  Like air ventilation, evaporative cooling is one of few main sustainable cooling approaches that can be strategically implemented into the making of any space used or occupied by humans and animals.
the climatic condition in a particular region or time of the year does not always support today’s agricultural or industrial activities.  In areas such as greenhouse and hatchery, where the consistency of humidity is of high importance, m i s t i ® offers strategies specifically tailored for the humidity requirement.
in areas of high human-density, high automobile traffic, frequent sand storm, or heavy industrial/construction activities, air quality is often difficult to maintain at a level that can ensure people’s experience or productivity in the space.  Misting system produces fine water particles that  help trap dust and odor molecule in the air; it’s an ideal tool for managing the quality of “air space” of any warm or dusty outdoor environment (ie. cafe, smoking area, street fair, outdoor market…).